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Euro-Colors is a free kunena template. It is a modification with some benefits from the default that comes with the component, the Blue Eagle. Depends on it to work properly, so don’t uninstall the original.

Euro-Colors: Categories View
Euro-Colors: Categories View

This template adds certain features that give you greater control over the design of the forum, also have made minor modifications to the general styles and new module positions have been added.

Design changes:

Added two new options in the settings of the template:

  • Soft color borders: Control the color of all the lateral edges of the forum and come with a default gray. This option has been added to save time in changing all those edges.
  • Dark color borders: Controls the color of the edges of detail, by default is a bit darker and the same color as the forum header, menu, etc …

Also been made general small changes that greatly affect the design and can be changed from the CSS file that includes the template.

Added three new module positions which increase the CTR of advertising in the forum. These positions are:

  • kunena-profile-bottom: That is below the login / logout and before the list of categories.
  • kunena_msg_bottom_nÂșofmessage : Position that is inside the messages, at the bottom.
  • kunena_msg_top_nÂșofmessage: Position that is inside the mssages, at the top.


The design that brings the default template is blue and you can see in the DEMO. The colors used are # 0088CC as dark blue and #3399FF as light blue.

Euro-Colors is a general purpose template. This purpose is to facilitate the personalization of Kunena Forum to a lot of users, that’s why isn’t included major changes from the original template, as the Kunena Menu does not include alterations.

If you want a custom design you can contact me here.

If you use this template or you like it, do not forget to share and leave a comment with your opinion.


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